Garage Door Repair in Anoka, MN

Garage Door Repair of Anoka wants to make sure your garage door is working again as quickly as possible. We’re honored to serve all of our neighbors here in Anoka, Minnesota. Our knowledgeable team will fix your door right the first time!

Some Troubleshooting Tips to Try

We’ve put together this guide to help you troubleshoot your door to see if it’s a quick fix. There are times when you don’t need a professional to repair your door. These troubleshooting steps will help determine if you need to schedule repair:

  • Check to see that your opener is plugged in
  • Make sure your emergency release hasn’t been pulled
  • Test your wall mount switch to make sure you don’t have a bad remote
  • Make sure there’s nothing in the path of your door
  • Clean your sensor eyes and make sure they are aligned

If these steps don’t fix your problem then you probably need professional help to fix your door. We’re always happy to help you out!

We Can Repair Any Type of Garage Door

Our knowledgeable team can work on all types of garage doors and openers. We’ll go to work to make sure we can fix your door as quickly as we can. We can handle all types of garage door issues such as:

  • Opener: If the gears are worn down on your opener then it will sound like it’s working but your door won’t move
  • Springs: If your springs are broken then your door will start to open but then quickly close
  • Cables: If a cable has broken on your door then your door will sag on the side it’s broken on
  • Rollers: Your door will make loud, grinding noises during operation or your door can even come off the tracks

We’ll also bring quality replacement parts with us to make sure we can resolve your door issues quickly.

Is My Opener Under Warranty?

If your opener stops working you might be wondering if it’s still under warranty. Warranties vary by opener manufacturer and model. Most warranties are 1-5 years but many of the higher end openers come with lifetime warranties.

We can help you figure out if your opener is still under warranty or if the parts are covered by the warranty. If yours is out of warranty, we can help you pick out a new opener to make sure you get the one that will work for your needs. We also offer a large line of smart openers that come with the latest in features.

Call Now to Schedule Quality Repair

Garage Door Repair of Anoka is ready to help you out with your garage door. We enjoy providing our community here in Anoka, Minnesota with dependable and fast repair help. Give our team a call today!